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  • What Could Robots Do for Your Business? Find Out at Our Free Workshops!

    The beauty of working in robotics and automation during this time period — and the aspect that makes our work so much fun — is finding new solutions for our customers’ challenges. For individuals who aren’t in our industry, however, connecting the dots between abstract concept and real-life robotic application is often easier said than …

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  • What Does the Future Look Like for Home Robots?

    When you think of robotics, what comes to mind? Oversized creations on factory assembly lines? Caged technology in hidden laboratories? What about your living room? Home robots are no longer just fiction featured in Jetsons cartoons. As companies continue embracing and advancing today’s technologies, these captivating innovations are becoming more popular. Kuri, a Mayfield Robotics …

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  • With Robotics, Industries Have the Opportunity to Get Creative.

    For decades, companies the world over have depended on advanced automation to produce and assemble the products they put out each day. From organic shampoos to top-of-the-line automobiles, technology plays its role in virtually every business out there. Today, thanks to ongoing improvements in robotics, industries have more options than ever before. Take a look …

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  • How Does Houston Mechatronics Use Rapid Prototyping in Product Development?

    If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. You’ve heard it a million times, and it’s good life advice. Still, for engineers, it’s more than that. It’s a way of life. At Houston Mechatronics, our jobs are all about taking a problem and tackling it head-on, oftentimes with solutions that haven’t yet been invented. …

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  • Game-changing Pipe Inspection Robot Nears Completion

    New Technology Brings Wireless Capability to Pipe Cleaning, Analysis How much thought do you give to the act of turning on a faucet and having water immediately available? What about pressing the handle at the gas pump and instantly fueling your vehicle? Few people consider the complex pipe architecture that makes our world possible — …

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  • Are Robots Taking Over Human Jobs?

    It might sound like the stuff of fiction — teams of robots filling places of business, able to work longer, faster and with more precision than their human counterparts. But as automation and innovation continue to advance, is it really so far off? Houston Mechatronics’ Nic Radford says that, to a certain extent, it isn’t. …

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  • What can Robotic Technology Mean for Today’s Work Environment?

    Working conditions where temperatures climb well beyond 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Tasks performed miles beneath the ocean’s surface. If environments such as these sound incredibly unsafe, you’re right — from a human perspective, at least. Incorporate robotic technology into the mix, however, and you open yourself to a new world of possibilities. Nic Radford, Houston Mechatronics’ …

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  • Which Way is the Robotics Industry Headed? Houston Mechatronics Weighs in.

    The saying goes that the only thing constant is change, and nowhere is that so true as in the robotics industry. The never-ending need for advancement and innovation is certainly challenging, but it’s also part of what makes mechatronics and automation work so much fun. In late 2015, Houston Mechatronics President and CEO Matt Ondler …

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  • Where Does Underwater Robotics Fit in the World of Oil and Gas?

    Modern-day oil and gas extraction continues taking us deeper underground — and in many cases undersea. As we make ongoing headway in this specialized field, it makes sense that the supporting technology would grow and change with us. A report by Oil & Gas Technology supports that theory, noting that use of underwater robots is …

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  • Could Robotic System Integration be the Construction Industry’s Future?

    Think robots have no place in the down and dirty, hands-on world of new construction? Think again. A New York-based company has found a way to meld robotic system integration with an everyday task for builders: Bricklaying. SAM (an acronym for “semi-automated mason”) aids its human counterparts with various elements of the bricklaying process. While …

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