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Houston Mechatronics was founded by NASA roboticists with a passion for problem-solving and providing innovative answers to age-old questions. We thrive on approaching complex problems with imagination, aptitude and determination. Could robots take on the dangerous elements of deepwater drilling and operations? Is intelligent automation the answer to more streamlined business practices? It’s questions like these that drive us to do what we do.

Together, with our talented team of engineers, we’re redrawing the lines of the box, putting divergent thinking to work and allowing people to see the amazing things companies can accomplish when they have the technology and ingenuity in place to back them up.

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What We Do

Robots have evolved from the clunky, Hollywood-stereotyped humanoids from years past. Now, robotics technology can be used in a multitude of real engineering applications to make processes faster, safer and more efficient. Our engineers invent, innovate, engineer and integrate to take your operations further. From large subsea robots to miniscule pipe inspection robots, no undertaking is too big or too small.

The finished product doesn’t merely complete the job. It does so safely, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. Unlike other robots in the industry which must remain caged, Houston Mechatronics’ creations sense their surroundings, making them safe for use around humans and expensive hardware.

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Houston Mechatronics’ resume is filled with what might seem like science fiction: Hugely powerful and highly-efficient electric cars, humanoid robots equipped for the International Space Station and deepwater oil drilling technologies to revolutionize exploration and production. With a team that helped develop the very technologies used in space today, Houston Mechatronics’ work isn’t sci-fi — it’s only the beginning of what’s possible.

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