• Are Robots Taking Over Human Jobs?

    NewsFixIt might sound like the stuff of fiction — teams of robots filling places of business, able to work longer, faster and with more precision than their human counterparts. But as automation and innovation continue to advance, is it really so far off? Houston Mechatronics’ Nic Radford says that, to a certain extent, it isn’t.

    Nic sat down with NewsFix to talk about a recently-released Forrester Research study which points to robots taking 6% of U.S. jobs by 2021, and about the historic role robots play in modern society. Today’s technology defines the generation, he said, much as aviation and the internet did.

    Still, that doesn’t mean humans will be phased out entirely.

    “I think that they’ll be a transitional point where people are retrained to perform in jobs with higher cognition and as those robotic assets are deployed, they’re going to need infrastructure. They’re going to need service technicians. They’re going to need jobs that, in my opinion, will be net positive in the long term,” he told NewsFix.

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