• What Could Robots Do for Your Business? Find Out at Our Free Workshops!

    The beauty of working in robotics and automation during this time period — and the aspect that makes our work so much fun — is finding new solutions for our customers’ challenges. For individuals who aren’t in our industry, however, connecting the dots between abstract concept and real-life robotic application is often easier said than done. At Houston Mechatronics, we are proud to offer free workshops to help your team better grasp the possibilities, and to help us better understand your challenges.

    How do you set one up? It’s easy. Simply visit our Workshop webpage (you can access it through any page on our site, thanks to our handy pop-up notifications) and answer a few short questions. From there, we’ll set up a time that works for everyone involved, take lunch orders (after all, who doesn’t like to eat?) and prepare to talk tech.

    The workshop itself is meant to be a casual ideas session. We’ll first present a short overview of our company and current state-of-the-art offerings in robotics and intelligent automation so your team has a better understanding of the “realm of the possible.” Next, we’ll dig deep into what it is your company does and what you hope to achieve, be it improved production, the ability to take crew members out of dangerous spaces or another goal entirely. Then we’ll figure out how Houston Mechatronics can get you there. There are multiple solutions to any problem, and our goal is to work with you to find a cost-effective option that makes sense to your unique situation. We often find companies are surprised to learn that robotics technology can actually save them money, or that technology exists that can solve their difficult challenges

    If your team is interested in incorporating a bit of the future into your operations today, now is the time to take action. Set up your workshop (at either your office or ours — we’re pretty easygoing) and let’s get the ball rolling! We look forward to hearing from you.