• Where Does Underwater Robotics Fit in the World of Oil and Gas?

    Modern-day oil and gas extraction continues taking us deeper underground — and in many cases undersea. As we make ongoing headway in this specialized field, it makes sense that the supporting technology would grow and change with us. A report by Oil & Gas Technology supports that theory, noting that use of underwater robots is on the rise.

    The news site reports that agencies and organizations are turning to underwater technologies to aid in offshore practices, oceanic surveillance, scientific research and other specialties. In fact, the article notes an estimated 6.2 percent increase in underwater robotics use between 2014 and 2019.

    What’s the benefit of employing machines to carry out such work? Their renewable nature for one, as some innovations are powered by thermal energy created in the ocean. Meanwhile, the technology makes it possible to remove humans from dangerous situations and allows robots access to areas divers might not easily reach.